Wednesday April 01, 2015

SC Magazine: ACCC considers limiting sales of 1800 MHz spectrum

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 13:33 AWST)

Asks for submissions on potential competition issues.

SC Magazine: Defence ordered by Govt to fix IT

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 13:32 AWST)

But DTSO spared the knife.

Slashdot: World's Largest Aircraft Seeks Investors To Begin Operation

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 13:06 AWST)

An anonymous reader writes: The Airlander 10 is significantly larger than a 747. It's an airship that incorporates elements of blimps, planes, and hovercraft. Buoyed by a vast volume of helium, it's capable of cruising at a speed of 80 knots. It was built as a military venture, intended to be used for surveillance tasks. But as the war in Afghanistan wound down, government officials found they had no use for the airship. They ended up selling it back to the company who made it for $300,000 — after paying them $90 million to build it. Now, a small group of investors are trying to get it operational, in part to show people how safe the technology can be, and to hopefully spur construction of more airships. They say the Airlander 10 is capable of surviving a missile strike, but visions of the Hindenburg still loom large in our cultural memory.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Slashdot: The End of College? Not So Fast

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 12:05 AWST)

An anonymous reader writes: The advent of MOOCs, Khan Academy, and the hundreds of other learning sites that have popped up caused many people to predict the decline of expensive, four-year universities. But Donald Heller writes in the Chronicle of Higher Education that most of the people making these claims don't have a good understanding of how actual students are interacting with online classes. He points out that it's a lot easier for a 40-year-old who's in a stable life position, and who has already experienced college-level education to work through an MOOC with ease. But things change when you're asking 18- to 20-year-olds to give up the structure and built-in motivation of a physical university to instead sit at their computer for hours at a time. (The extremely low pass rate for free online courses provides some evidence for this.) Heller also warns that prematurely hailing MOOCs as a replacement for colleges will only encourage governments and organizations to stop investing in institutions of higher learning, which could have dire consequences for education worldwide.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

DFES Emergency Alerts: Continue to take action for flooding in the western Pilbara and north western Midwest Gascoyne

DFES Emergency Alerts (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 11:33 AWST)

Category: Flood
Alert Summary: People in western Pilbara, near the Onslow Coastal and Ashburton River catchments and in the Midwest Gascoyne, near the Gascoyne River catchment, need to take action now as flooding is expected to continue. Water will be fast flowing and levels will rise quickly.
Continue to take action for flooding in the western Pilbara and north western Midwest Gascoyne
People in western Pilbara, near the Onslow Coastal and Ashburton River catchments and in the Midwest Gascoyne, near the Gascoyne River catchment, need to take action now as flooding is expected to continue.
Water will be fast flowing and levels will rise quickly.

Take care after flooding in the north western Midwest Gascoyne
People in the north western Midwest Gascoyne, near the Lyndon-Minilya catchment, should take care after flooding. Floooding is expected to ease in this catchment over the next few days. 
DFES advises you to:
  • Watch for changes in water levels so you are ready if you need to relocate.
  • Ensure your relocation kit, including your emergency kit is complete.
  • Relocate equipment and livestock so they do not get caught in floodwaters.
  • Prepare pet food or stockfeed in case you cannot return home for a few days.
  • Never walk, swim or play in floodwaters as they are dangerous.
  • Do not go near storm drains and pipes, ditches and ravines, as they are dangerous.
  • With water moving quickly people need to stay out of the rivers and streams in the warning areas, this includes no swimming or kayaking.
  • If you are a traveller do not park or camp adjacent to rivers.
  • Floodways and river levels may rise rapidly so be careful at crossings.
  • Obey road closure signs and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.
  • Take care on gravel and unsealed roads as they may be slippery and muddy, and you could get bogged.
  • If your car stalls in rising water, abandon it immediately and seek shelter above floodwater.
As at 10.55am the Bureau of Meteorology advises;  
Ashburton River catchment:
Areas of flooding in the Ashburton River catchment are expected to continue during Wednesday and Thursday. For the 24 hours to 9am Wednesday, recorded rainfall totals in the Ashburton River catchment range from 5mm to 20mm. For the 24 hours to 9am Thursday, isolated falls of up to 30mm are forecast for the Ashburton River catchment. The Ashburton River at Capricorn Range is currently below the minor flood level (5.2 metres) at 2.6 metres and steady. The Ashburton River at Nanutarra peaked at around 5m midnight Tuesday, and is currently at 4.7m and falling. Further river rises are possible based on recorded and forecast rainfall, however, the river is expected to remain below the minor flood level (6.0m) during Wednesday and Thursday.
Onslow Coast catchment:
Areas of flooding in the Onslow Coast river catchments are expected to continue during Wednesday. For the 24 hours to 9am Wednesday, 21mm of rainfall has been recorded at Red Hill in the Onslow Coast catchment. For the 24 hours to 9 am Thursday, isolated falls up to 30 mm are forecast for the inland areas of the Onslow Coast catchment.
Gascoyne River catchment:
For the 24 hours to 9am Wednesday, isolated falls of 5mm to 25mm has been recorded in the Gascoyne River catchment. For the 24 hours to 9am Thursday, isolated falls up to 30 mm is forecast for the Gascoyne River catchment. The Gascoyne River at Jimba has peaked at 5.7m during Tuesday night and is currently above the minor flood level (4.0m). Minor to moderate flooding is expected to continue during Wednesday with renewed river rises possible but the river is expected to remain below the moderate flood level (7.0m). The Gascoyne River at Fishy Pool has peaked at 6.8 metres during Wednesday morning and is currently above the minor flood level (4.5 metres). Minor to moderate flooding is expected to continue during Wednesday with renewed river rises similar to the earlier peak. The Gascoyne River at Nine Mile Bridge is currently below minor flood level (5.5 metres) and rising. The river is expected to peak close to 6.0 metres during  Wednesday afternoon.
Lyndon Minilya catchment:
Significant river rises with areas of flooding have occurred in the Lyndon-Minilya catchment due to heavy rainfall recorded during Monday. No significant rainfall has occurred For the 24 hours to 9am Wednesday, and for the 24 hour period to 9am Thursday, no significant rainfall is forecast. Flooding is expected to ease over the next few days in the Lyndon-Minilya catchment.
Current river levels are available from Department of Water at
DFES is monitoring the situation
  • For SES assistance call 132 500.
  • In a life threatening situation call 000.
  • For the latest flood information call 1300 659 213 or visit  
Visit  call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow DFES on Twitter @dfes_wa or listen to news bulletins.
The next update will be issued when the situation changes.

Publication Time: 1/04/2015 11:30 AM

DFES Emergency Alerts: Bushfire ADVICE for Morangup Nature Reserve in the Shire of Toodyay

DFES Emergency Alerts (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 11:00 AWST)

Category: Fire
Alert Summary: A bushfire ADVICE remains in place for people along Toodyay Road, Fernie Road and Morangup Road in the Shire of Toodyay.
The following alert has been issued by the Department of Parks and Wildlife 
A bushfire ADVICE remains in place for people along Toodyay Road, Fernie Road and Morangup Road in the Shire of Toodyay.
·     There is no threat to lives or homes but there is smoke in the area.
·     Although there is no immediate danger you need to be aware and keep up to date in case the situation changes.
·     The fire is burning in the Black Swamp Nature Reserve and on both sides of Toodyay Road.
·          The bushfire is contained and controlled.
·          Be extremely careful when driving through the area.
·          Turn your headlights on and drive slowly.
·          Watch for emergency services personnel and follow their directions.
·          If you cannot see clearly, pull over, keep your headlights and hazard lights on, and wait until the smoke clears.
·          If you have a respiratory condition and you have been affected by smoke you should contact your local doctor or call Health Direct on 1800 022 222.
No roads are closed but there are speed restrictions in place on Toodyay Road between Fernie Road and Morangup Road.
Road information may also be available by calling Main Roads WA on 138 138 or visiting
No recreation sites are closed. 
Department of Parks and Wildlife fire crews are monitoring the area.
·          The fire was reported at 11.44am on 26 March. It has burnt about 20 hectares.
·          The cause of the fire is suspicious.
·          People are asked to report any suspicious behaviour to Police Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
·          The Department of Parks and Wildlife is managing the fire.
Visit,, call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow Parks and Wildlife on Facebook or Twitter @WAParksWildlife or listen to news bulletins.

Publication Time: 1/04/2015 10:45 AM

GNOME Look: Blue and Rolling 1 (GNOME Wallpaper 1920x1200)

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 10:45 AWST)

ThumbnailBlue and Rolling 1
(GNOME Wallpaper 1920x1200)

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DFES Emergency Alerts: Get ready now for bad weather in parts of the Pilbara and Midwest Gascoyne

DFES Emergency Alerts (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 10:42 AWST)

Category: Storm
Alert Summary: If you live in an area bounded by Nanutarra to Wickham to Marble Bar to Cotton Creek to Carnegie to Three Rivers to Mt Augustus to Nanutarra you need to get ready now for the severe thunderstorms coming this afternoon and evening.
If you live in an area bounded by Nanutarra to Wickham to Marble Bar to Cotton Creek to Carnegie to Three Rivers to Mt Augustus to Nanutarra you need to get ready now for the severe thunderstorms coming this afternoon and evening.
This includes people in Newman and surrounding areas.
This weather is not unusual for this time of year, but could damage homes and make travel dangerous. 

DFES has these tips to help you and your family get ready now:
• Store or weigh down loose objects around your home like outdoor furniture that could be picked up and thrown by strong winds, causing damage or injury
• Ensure your emergency kit is complete including a battery operated radio, torch, spare batteries and first aid kit
• Ensure pets and animals are in a safe area
• Move vehicles under cover
• Campers should find safe shelter away from trees, powerlines, storm water drains and streams
If you are away from home contact family or friends to prepare your property

As at 10.29am on Wednesday 1 April the Bureau of Meteorology advises there is a risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

Storms may be accompanied by:
• Damaging winds
• Large hail.
• Heavy rainfall, which may lead to flash flooding
• If your home has been badly damaged by a storm, call the SES on 132 500
• In a life threatening situation call 000

After a storm State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers make temporary repairs to homes that have been badly damaged, such as roofs that have been ripped off or large fallen trees on homes and cars. Please contact your insurance company to organise permanent repairs. 
Visit, call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow DFES on Twitter @dfes_wa or listen to news bulletins.
For the latest weather warnings visit or call 1300 659 213.
The next update will be provided when the situation changes.
Publication Time: 1/04/2015 10:40 AM

GNOME Look: The old one. (GNOME Wallpaper 1440x900)

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 10:40 AWST)

ThumbnailThe old one.
(GNOME Wallpaper 1440x900)
This is a wallpaper, which I made already over two years ago (that is the reason for the name). I actually thought I had uploaded this wallpaper ages ago - but I was mistaken.

In case you happen to enjoy this kind of style also check out my Luminous3, which has a similar arrangement to what you see here.


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DFES Media Releases: Only working smoke alarms save lives

DFES Media Releases (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 10:15 AWST)

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is urging people to keep their smoke alarms maintained and test them monthly to make sure they are working.
Research shows that less than one in 10 Australians regularly test and clean their smoke alarms and only 8 per cent know they need to be replaced every 10 years.
DFES Hazard Planning and Response Acting Assistant Commissioner Paul Ryan said it is not enough to have smoke alarms installed in your home.
“You need to test your smoke alarms monthly to make sure they are working and clean them regularly to remove dust or cobwebs that may affect their performance,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Ryan said.
“Some types of smoke alarm need new batteries every year. It is important to know which type of alarm you have and what maintenance it needs.” 
“If you need to change your smoke alarm battery each year, you should do it on a specific date that is easy to remember, such as April 1st,”
In 2014 there were 849 house fires that caused four deaths, a number of serious injuries and more than $45 million in damage.
Acting Assistant Commissioner Ryan said smoke alarms are a proven early warning system that may help you and your family survive.
“Working smoke alarms can give you enough warning to get out of a burning building in time, and early detection may give firefighters a better chance to save your home.”
“However, smoke alarms are not a fire prevention tool. You still need to be aware of the risk of home fire, and practise your family’s home fire evacuation plan regularly,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Ryan said. 
For more information on smoke alarms and home fire safety visit the DFES website at 
Media Contact: DFES Media and Corporate Communications 9225 5955
Extra Information:
  • DFES recommends mains powered photoelectric smoke alarms.
  • All smoke alarms, including mains powered alarms, must be replaced every 10 years.
  • It is important to know which type of smoke alarm you have and whether you need to replace its battery.
    • If your smoke alarm is powered by a 9V alkaline battery you need to replace the battery every year.
    • Most mains powered smoke alarms have a battery back-up which may or may not need replacement depending on the type. You should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    • If your smoke alarm is powered by a 10 year non-removable lithium battery, you won’t need to replace the battery.
  • Test your smoke alarm monthly by holding down the test button until you hear an alert sound.
  • Clean your smoke alarms every six months using a vacuum cleaner to remove any build-up of dust, cobwebs or insects.

Publication Time: 1/04/2015 10:15 AM

Slashdot: NSA Worried About Recruitment, Post-Snowden

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 10:02 AWST)

An anonymous reader writes: The NSA employs tens of thousands of people, and they're constantly recruiting more. They're looking for 1,600 new workers this year alone. Now that their reputation has taken a major hit with the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden, they aren't sure they'll be able to meet that goal. Not only that, but the NSA has to compete with other companies, and they Snowden leaks made many of them more competitive: "Ever since the Snowden leaks, cybersecurity has been hot in Silicon Valley. In part that's because the industry no longer trusts the government as much as it once did. Companies want to develop their own security, and they're willing to pay top dollar to get the same people the NSA is trying to recruit." If academia's relationship with the NSA continues to cool, the agency could find itself struggling within a few years.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

SC Magazine: Telstra grows telehealth portfolio with Medibank business

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 10:02 AWST)

Adds to growing ehealth portfolio.

SC Magazine: Datacom swipes mega Health outsourcing deal from IBM

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 08:54 AWST)

Wins $242 million federal government contract.

SC Magazine: MYOB's May IPO to be one of the year's biggest

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 08:21 AWST)

Lodges prospectus ahead of return to ASX.

Slashdot: Why More 'Star Wars' Actors Don't Become Stars

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 08:20 AWST) writes: When you become an actor, landing a role in a movie as big as Star Wars may seem like a dream come true. But Tatiana Siegel and Borys Kit report at The Hollywood Reporter that six movies in, the Star Wars franchise has only spawned one megastar: Harrison Ford, unusual for a series of this magnitude. Neither Ewan McGregor nor Liam Neeson was helped by the franchise and the list of acting careers that never took off is even longer, from original stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher to Jake Lloyd (young Anakin Skywalker) and most notably Hayden Christensen, whose star was on the rise when he nabbed 2002's Attack of the Clones. Even Natalie Portman, who already had a hot career before Episodes I-III, admitted she struggled after the exposure. "Everyone thought I was a horrible actress," says Portman. "I was in the biggest-grossing movie of the decade, and no director wanted to work with me." So what's the problem? "When you sign up for this, you're signing your life away, and you're keeping yourself from any other franchises out there," says an agent whose client is one of the stars of Episode VII. "They will not let you be in another franchise. They're going to be cranking out a new movie every year. These actors never get to read the script before signing on. They don't even know which [subsequent] one they are in. And then they become known for that role, and it's hard to see them in [another] kind of movie." Still, agents keep pursuing roles in the upcoming films even though newcomers can only command a meager $65,000 to $125,000 for Episode VII. "It secures all involved a place in film history," says agent Sarah Fargo, "and guarantees a huge global audience, enhancing an actor's marketability."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Slashdot: We're In a Golden Age of Star Trek Webseries Right Now

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 07:59 AWST)

New submitter DakotaSmith writes: io9 has an article explaining why We're Living In The Golden Age Of Star Trek Webseries Right Now. If you're a true geek, you probably already know about Star Trek Continues and Star Trek: Phase II. (If you're a true geek and you don't know about them, run — do not walk, run — to watch "Lolani." Your brain— and more importantly, your heart — will love you for the rest of your life.) But there's more to it than that. A lot more. How about the years'-long wait for Act IV of Starship Exeter : "The Tressaurian Intersection"? Or Yorktown: "A Time to Heal" — an attempt to resurrect an aborted fan film from 1978 starring George Takei? For fans of old-school Star Trek (the ones who pre-date "Trekker" and wear "Trekkie" as a badge of honor), not since 1969 has there been a better time to watch Star Trek: The Original Series. (Oh, and there's plenty content out there for you "Trekkers" and NextGen-era fans. It all varies in quality, but it doesn't take much effort to find them. This is truly a Golden Age. Recognize it and enjoy it while it lasts.)

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Slashdot: Google Unveils the Chromebit: an HDMI Chromebook Dongle

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 07:39 AWST)

An anonymous reader writes: Today Google unveiled a new device: the Chromebit. It's a small compute stick that contains the Rockchip 3288 processor, 2GB RAM, and 16GB of storage — much like a low-end Chromebook. It connects to a TV or monitor through an HDMI port. (It also has a USB port for power and plugging in peripherals.) Google says the Chromebit is their solution for turning any display into a computer, and it will cost under $100. Google also announced a couple of new Chromebooks as well. Haier and Hisense models will cost $150, and an ASUS model with a rotating display will cost $250.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Slashdot: Mario 64 Remake Receives a DMCA Complaint From Nintendo

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 07:18 AWST)

jones_supa writes: Well, we saw this one coming. Just a couple of days after computer science student Erik Roystan Ross released a free recreation of the first level of Nintendo's 1996 Super Mario 64, Nintendo filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint. It was sent to the content distribution network CloudFlare and the complaint asked to immediately disable public access to the page hosting the remade game. CloudFlare forwarded the complaint to the person hosting Ross' game, after which the hosting provider (a friend of Ross) had to take the game down. Nintendo also sent Ross takedown notices for his downloadable desktop versions of the Bob-Omb Battlefield. Nintendo is famously protective of its copyright, taking issue even with "Let's Play" videos posted on YouTube and threatening to shut down live-streamed Super Smash Bros tournaments."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

GNOME Look: Sun Dial Framed 1920x1200 (GNOME Wallpaper 1920x1200)

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 07:08 AWST)

ThumbnailSun Dial Framed 1920x1200
(GNOME Wallpaper 1920x1200)
Something bright on a Spring day in Central Texas. Hope it is enjoyed.

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GNOME Look: Sun Dial 1920 x1200 (GNOME Wallpaper 1920x1200)

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 07:07 AWST)

ThumbnailSun Dial 1920 x1200
(GNOME Wallpaper 1920x1200)
Something bright on a Spring day in Central Texas. Hope it is enjoyed.

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Slashdot: Report: Facebook Tracks Visitors Who Have Opted Out, Violating EU Law

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 06:58 AWST)

itwbennett writes: In a technical analysis (PDF) of Facebook's tracking practices, researchers found that Facebook tracks everyone who visits its site, including people who don't have an account, and even continues to track users and non-users who have opted out of targeted ads. The problem with these practices is that the cookies are placed without consent, which under EU law is only allowed if there is a strict necessity to do so. Facebook disputes the report: "We have explained in detail the inaccuracies in the earlier draft report (after it was published) directly to the Belgian DPA, who we understand commissioned it, and have offered to meet with them to explain why it is incorrect, but they have declined to meet or engage with us."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Slashdot: Thousand-Year-Old Eye Salve Kills MRSA

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 06:37 AWST)

An anonymous reader writes: Scientists at the University of Nottingham used a recipe from an ancient medical text to successfully kill golden staph bacteria, also known as MRSA, the superbug commonly found in hospitals. Bald's Leechbook calls for leeks, garlic, brass, wine and other ingredients to create an eye salve for curing an infected eyelash. The salve has been found to be effective in killing the MRSA at least as well any modern remedy.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Slashdot: SCOTUS: GPS Trackers Are a Form of Search and Seizure

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 06:15 AWST)

schwit1 writes: If the government puts a GPS tracker on you, your car, or any of your personal effects, it counts as a search—and is therefore protected by the Fourth Amendment. The Supreme Court clarified and affirmed that law on Monday, when it ruled on Torrey Dale Grady v. North Carolina (PDF), before sending the case back to that state's high court. The Court's short but unanimous opinion helps make sense of how the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable search and seizure, interacts with the expanding technological powers of the U.S. government. "The only theory we discern [...] is that the State's system of nonconsensual satellite-based monitoring does not entail a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. That theory is inconsistent with this Court's precedents."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

DP Review: Phase One Industrial's new 80MP drone camera is the smallest of its kind

DP Review (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 06:01 AWST)

Phase One Industrial designed a new camera specifically for drones, billed as the smallest 80 megapixel medium format camera in the world. The iXU 180 camera features an 80 megapixel CCD sensor, taking 4:3 ratio images with your choice of five Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and an overall modular design. The camera won't be arriving until the middle of next month, but Phase One Industrial has detailed its specs ahead of time. Read more

SC Magazine: NBN Co expands rollout by 550k

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 05:41 AWST)

Work to start by September 2016.

Slashdot: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 05:32 AWST)

An anonymous reader writes: Today Microsoft announced the latest device in their line of Windows tablets: the Surface 3. The tablet runs a full version of Windows (the troublesome "RT" line has been deprecated), and aims to compete with Apple's iPad. The Surface 3 has a 10.8" screen running at 1920x1280 (note the 3:2 ratio). It's 8.7mm thick and weighs 622 grams (1.27 lbs). They're somewhat vague about the battery life, but they say it will last up to 10 hours "based on video playback." They've also made it possible to charge the device with a standard micro-USB charger. The base device with 64GB storage, 2GB RAM, and Wi-Fi will cost $500, and it'll scale up with more storage, more ram, and 4G LTE connectivity. (It maxes out at 4GB RAM, so any heavy-duty gaming is probably out of the question.) The keyboard is still a separate $130 accessory as well.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

SC Magazine: NBN napkin lists on eBay for $5000

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 04:58 AWST)

Exclusive: Rudd's former pilot lets go of long-held treasure.

SC Magazine: Photos: Microsoft's new Surface 3 tablet

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 04:57 AWST)

Microsoft has pared down the specs in favour of portability.

SC Magazine: First look at the new Microsoft Surface 3

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 04:52 AWST)

Thinner, smaller, with 10-hour battery life.

Slashdot: Massive Power Outage Paralyzes Turkey

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 04:50 AWST)

wiredmikey writes: A massive power outage caused chaos and shut down public transport across Turkey on Tuesday, with the government refusing to rule out that the electricity system had been the victim of an attack. The nationwide power cut, the worst in 15 years, began shortly after 10:30 am (0730 GMT) in Istanbul, the state-run Anatolia news agency quoted the Turkey Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) as saying. Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said the authorities were investigating whether the power outage was due to a technical failure or cyber-attack. "It is too early to say now if it is because of a technical reason, a manipulation, a faultplay, an operational mistake, or a cyber (attack). We are looking into it... We cannot say they are excluded possibilities."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

GNOME Look: METROlux menu with CLOUD inst. (GnoMenu Theme)

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 04:35 AWST)

ThumbnailMETROlux menu with CLOUD inst.
(GnoMenu Theme)
Preview latest PRO theme:

Free 1.6 GB ISO DVD download,
Full configured on Linux mint:

METROluxPRO with cloud apps & MS Office 365 cloud.

Bundle BLUE7 with METROlux based on Linux Mint17.

Download & install your full working system now.

Or see the homepage link.


You can start direct the cloud apps with this free version.

Plugged:Cloud apps & 10 Gb + 15 Gb storage.

The menu works with this icons:


NEW with easy installer.

Download & unpack the auto menu installer & uninstaller.

just double klik on it and restart your Gnomenu after select this version.

Installer dont start?

-Open your terminal and type:
then your root password.

cd /the-location-untarred-download/

Then you must see the location and you can find the installer with the command:


copy the name of the installer and type:


and paste the the installer name:

you get:


now press enter and click to install.

version -- howto cloud apps
------------------- OneDrive
------------------- Google Drive
------------------- OwnCloud demo
------------------- some browser changes
------------------- update icons.

A update with serveral NEW cloud apps and MS office online with the free version of METROlux PRO menu!.

For professional users, and advertising
SEE The INFO menu.

First use:
- Install GnoMenu with your distribution manager.
- Please install the "midori" browser (search in google)to let the info,help and cloud function work.

There are 3 necessairy maps & files to complete the menu.

1-install the download on the bottom.

2-install this download:

Download and extract this one in a map on your system and klick on the installer.

( In METROluxIItiles i have embedded the tiles and applet)

3- install locations:
the METROluxIItiles:

the auto installer & un installer installs the map "3D@pro-" in:


launcher is installed in:



All the menus Works perfect with great performance and usability.

If you are interested to the binairy installer (Windows installer for Linux)
with all the necessairy components an a install script for the applications you need.
You can install it with simple mouse clicks.

please contact me.

You can get the METROlux theme in a PRO and a home version.

Thanks for your interest in my menus.
If you are interested in the commercial versions Grafeen (Graphene) €19,- with support,own language and a script that install all the applications and implemented plugins.

Please sent a email to
First you receive a link and information so you can downloaded it from the server.

All the versions *can be modified with personal preferences.

The goal is to make a usefull menu that have a complete furnished desktop for non nerd, that
everyone can modify, with one install that runs with exactly the same look and feel on any flavor of linux with supporting apllications on other systems as Microsoft office 365, onedrive, cloudapss, builtin manuals and more.

The first layout was W8.

* The cost to modify versions are not included.

If you want more menus or information for a personal menu : please contact me.

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SC Magazine: Why CommBank’s Albert took so long

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 04:29 AWST)

Bank opens up on development journey.

Slashdot: Amazon Tests Delivery Drones At Secret Canada Site After US Frustration

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 04:08 AWST)

An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from The Guardian: Amazon is testing its drone delivery service at a secret site in Canada, following repeated warnings by the e-commerce giant that it would go outside the U.S. to bypass what it sees as the U.S. federal government's lethargic approach to the new technology. The largest internet retailer in the world is keeping the location of its new test site closely guarded. What can be revealed is that the company's formidable team of roboticists, software engineers, aeronautics experts and pioneers in remote sensing – including a former NASA astronaut and the designer of the wingtip of the Boeing 787 – are now operating in British Columbia. The end goal is to utilize what Amazon sees as a slice of virgin airspace – above 200ft, where most buildings end, and below 500ft, where general aviation begins. Into that aerial slice the company plans to pour highly autonomous drones of less than 55lbs, flying through corridors 10 miles or longer at 50mph and carrying payloads of up to 5lbs that account for 86% of all the company's packages.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

DP Review: Microsoft announces Surface 3 tablet running full Windows

DP Review (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 03:42 AWST)

Microsoft has announced the latest model in its Surface line of tablets, the Surface 3. The big news here is that, unlike its predecessors which were running Windows RT, the new model comes with a full version of Windows 8.1. This means, like on the more expensive Surface Pro models, you can install and run any Windows application including Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, making the Surface 3 a real alternative to a conventional PC. Read more

Slashdot: Firefox 37 Released

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 03:26 AWST)

Today Mozilla began rolling out Firefox version 37.0 to release channel users. This update mostly focuses on behind-the-scenes changes. Security improvements include opportunistic encryption where servers support it and improved protection against site impersonation. They also disabled insecure TLS version fallback and added a security panel within the developer tools. One of the things end users will see is the Heartbeat feedback collection system. It will pop up a small rating widget to a random selection of users every day. After a user rates Firefox, an "engagement" page may open in the background, with links to social media pages and a donation page. Here are the release notes and full changelist.

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Slashdot: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With User Resignation From an IT Perspective?

(posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 02:43 AWST)

New submitter recaptcha writes Today one of my fellow workers has announced he has found another job and will be leaving our company in two weeks' time. This is all above board and there is no disgruntled employee scenario here; he is simply working through his notice period and finishing up some jobs. I have already set some fileserver folders to Read-Only for him and taken a backup of his mailbox in case he empties it on the last day. Which best practices do you follow that will prevent a resigning user from causing any damage (deliberately or not) in these last days of employment before his account is disabled?

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DP Review: Ready, steady: Sony Alpha 7 II Review

DP Review (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 02:06 AWST)

The Sony Alpha 7 II provides a number of features and ergonomic enhancements over its predecessor, but its standout feature is the 5-axis image stabilization system surrounding its 24.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor. Sony also claims improvements to the camera's hybrid AF system, and it also sports a redesigned grip. Find out all about the a7 II's added features and see what difference they make. Read review

Digital Photography School: Simple Tips to Improve your Travel Photography – Photographing Deserts

Digital Photography School (posted on Wednesday April 01, 2015 at 02:00 AWST)


Photographing deserts usually delivers very dramatic and beautiful landscape images. But it can also be challenging to prevent your photos from appearing flat and uninteresting, on top of the harsh conditions which can cause havoc with your camera.

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your travel photography of desert photos:

Catch the right light

It’s no secret that photographing early morning or late afternoon provides a wonderfully soft light which can make any image look much more interesting. This can be even more vital in the desert where the low angle of the sun can really bring out the lines in the sand, and give the whole image a wonderful warm glow. But be mindful that your shadow isn’t intruding into your image, and if you are going to be using a slow shutter speed make sure you use a sturdy tripod.


Early morning and late afternoon offers wonderful light for landscape photography.

Break the repetition

One of the main challenges of photographing the desert is to avoid having images that look uninteresting. After all, just photographing endless sand isn’t going to make your images stand out. Instead, try to find a point of interest such a shrub, a sand dune, a palm tree, or even people. By adding a point of interest it helps to draw the viewer’s eyes to the subject in view rather than trying to process a vast scene.


When you have a scene that doesn’t offer much interest, try to incorporate something that will grab the viewer’s attention.

Concentrate on the details

One of the things I love about photographing in the desert are the wonderful sand lines that the wind creates. These can look fantastic in photos, as the shadows behind them can really make them stand out. Sometimes it’s worth looking down and just capturing a small bit of detail, instead of trying to capture the whole scene. Simply crouch down and focus on the detail in the sand and you can create a completely different prospective of the same scene.


Try to get into the habit of looking down as the lines in the sand can offer wonderful photo opportunities.


Try to tell a story

When photographing in the desert, it’s tempting to always photograph the landscape. The dramatic sand dunes are usually what wow us when we look at pictures, but it is also worth capturing images that can tell the viewer a story. It might be a local man walking his camels, some footprints in the sand, or an animal sleeping in the shade of a tree. This can add variety to your collection and avoid your images looking too similar. But be aware of where you are planning to photograph; the last thing you would want are footprints in a scene that you are trying to portray as untouched.


The cars help to convey more of a message than just an empty scene.

Look for the unusual

Another challenge photographers face is how to capture images which look diverse and unusual. Sometimes this happens by luck, but the majority of the time you have to be prepared to pre-visualize the shot and work for it. I had driven on this road in UAE (Unite Arab Emirates) several times during my stay and always wondered what it might look like in the vastness of the desert from further away. So one day I walked up the biggest sand dune I could find – which was no easy task – and was rewarded with this shot, which highlights the vast emptiness of the desert.


A different view of the desert than the usual dunes and sand lines.

Protect your camera

Unfortunately sand can be extremely destructive to cameras so you should take extra care in the desert because even on the calmest of days the wind blows sand, so don’t take any chances. Just one small particle of sand getting into your camera can cause havoc. Always wrap your camera in a cloth when you’re not using it and try not to change lenses (I always take two cameras to the desert). You could also use a UV filter on lenses to protect the glass. I would much rather have to replace a cheap filter than have to repair a scratched lens glass. Remember to clean your camera as soon as I you get to the hotel room as the particles of sand will still be on the outside of your camera.

Deserts can be the setting for some stunning landscapes and provide a wonderfully diverse set of images. From a photo that depicts the vast beautiful wilderness to an intimate environmental portrait of a local, it’s incredible the array of different photos that can be captured in the same scene.

Now it’s your turn. Share your photos, thoughts, and tips below.

Editor’s note: if you don’t live near a desert keep in mind these tips might also apply to a beach setting or anywhere you can find large sand dunes. 

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Tuesday March 31, 2015

GNOME Look: Super flat remix icon theme 1.02 (GNOME Icon Theme)

(posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 22:12 AWST)

ThumbnailSuper flat remix icon theme 1.02
(GNOME Icon Theme)
Super Flat remix is a simple flat icon theme, derived from Ultra-Flat-Icons, Paper and Flattr icon themes.

It should work with most linux distributions, under gnome, unity, cinammon, xfce, kde etc

New mimetype and device icons.
New application icons.

New calculator, calendar, software-center, cheese, chromium and gimp icons

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Digital Photography School: DIY Light Modifier You Can Do With Savage Translum Material

Digital Photography School (posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 21:00 AWST)

Translum Blue 600

The thing studio product photographers hate the most is when undesirable reflections show up in their images. There are many ways to control these and I’ve got one that you can easily build at home. It’s a DIY project using the Savage Translum material.

What you’ll be creating is a rollable sheet of Translum with a hole in the middle for your camera lens. That will enable you to set it between the object you’re photographing and the camera which will eliminate the big direct reflections you get by using a softbox pointed straight on the subject.

Compare 600

What is Savage Translum material?

Savage is known for their paper backgrounds. They have a ton of them and are pretty much the industry standard as far as that goes. However, they do make other studio product such as the Translum material. It is a roll of thick white translucent styrene plastic, 54” wide (or 60”, depending on the model you get) by 18 foot long. When you put a light behind it, it gets highly diffused and loses two stops of light (that is, with the heavyweight version).

There are many uses for it such as; creating a pure white background and making DIY light diffusers and reflectors. Currently, there are three options (lightweight, medium and heavyweight). The difference is the quantity of light you lose and, thus, the amount of diffusion. You lose two stops with the heavyweight (it’s the original Translum), 1.5 stops with the medium weight and ¾ of a stop using the lightweight one. I think of the heavyweight for use with flash whereas the lightweight Translum would be to diffuse window light, for example. One thing that makes that material so useful is that is very cuttable and encourages improvisation in the studio, leading to more creative light setups. You can pick some up at all the big camera stores (B&H, Adorama, Amazon).

Build it!

Before you can start building, you’ll need to gather the items you’ll need in the project. They are:

  • A roll of Savage Translum
  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil
  • A pair of scissors
  • A compass (to trace the circle)
  • A X-acto (utility) knife
  • A central vacuum system with 2” PVC pipe the width of your roll (54” or 60”)
  • A handsaw (to cut the PVC)
  • A roll of Tuck Tape
  • A roll of painter’s tape

The very first thing you’ll need to do is determine the length of the sheet of Translum you’ll want. Mine measures 54” wide (the size of the roll) by 50” long. You can have it as long as you want, but I suggest not going less than 50” and also not too long because you may want to use the remaining Translum later and it would be a waste (to the floor is usually sufficient).

Once that’s done, simply measure the desired length and cut it. A pair of regular kitchen scissors works wonder to do so.

Next, decide where to place the hole for the lens to fit through. I would suggest putting it 6-12″ lower than the exact center, because you need a lot less material under your camera than you do up top. Once that’s done, mark that point and grab a compass (if you don’t have one, any round object that’s large enough will work just as well). To select the size of the hole, you want it to be as small as possible but still big enough so that the front of your lens can pass through.

Take the diameter of your lens and add an inch just so you have some play. Then, make the appropriate circle with the compass and grab an X-acto knife and a cutting board. Again, it is surprisingly easy to work with Translum and cutting the circle should be a breeze. The easiest way to do so it is by placing it on the floor (put the cutting board underneath the Translum to protect your floor). Since the plastic is really sturdy and resistant, it’s no problem if you step on it. Try to cut the circle so that you end up with a it in one piece as it will be useful in the future.

Next cut the central vacuum system PVC pipe. These are good because they are light, inexpensive, and available at your local hardware store. I strongly suggest that you take a 2” diameter one. Since they are sold 10 feet long, you’ll need to cut it to the right size for your Translum. A regular handsaw does the job.

TuckTape 600

Once that’s done, you can start assembling everything (see photo above). The best tape to stick the sheet to the PVC is a roll of Tuck Tape. Duct tape is not strong enough and gaffer’s tape is thick and expensive. The PVC will be at the top of the sheet so make sure it is on the end that is the farthest from the hole that’s near the middle. You want to put down a piece about two feet on the Translum. Half of the width of the tape should be on the PVC and the other on the sheet of diffusion. After, just finish taping that side down, flip everything 180° and apply pressure on the sheet of Translum so that the tape you just put on is folded nicely. Finally, you want to to place another row of Tuck Tape on the opposite side of the Translum, so that the construction is rock solid.

The last step is to tape a piece of wood at the bottom in order to add rigidity, and to limit the tendency of the material to curl up. While any diameter will work, I recommend you that you use 5/8 of an inch. The best way to add the wood is to put tape running the full width of the roll with the sticky side facing up (again, half the tape should be on the plastic). Then, just put the wood at the end of the tape and slowly roll up toward the Translum. That way, most of the wrinkles will be eliminated.

Wood 600

To store the sheet when you’re done using it, just roll it around the PVC pipe and use a few pieces of painter’s tape to hold it in place.

Results and other setups

The most basic, and effective, setup to use the DIY sheet of Savage Translum for catalog product shots on a white background is as follows: place a softbox (or stripbox) at about a 45° angle where the top almost touches the upper edge of the Translum sheet. The horizontal center of the softbox should align with the camera. You can place the Savage roll between the object and the camera lens with the lens through it very slightly. This will create very soft lighting without any big and ugly direct reflections.

To compare, I shot an iPad (for its shininess) in two ways: one setup without the Translum sheet and one with. The light was moved down in the first image so there is a part with a reflection and one without. In the image just under, you can see the tremendous differences between the two. All of the settings were identical.

No Translum 600 IPad Reflection 600
Translum 600 IPad 600

As much as I like Savage Translum, it is not perfect and will never give you a final image right out of the camera (nothing will). The shot above still need quite a bit a retouching to be complete.

Remember I recommended keeping the hole for the lens away from the middle? Well, for another setup, you can put the lens back into the sheet, hold it in place with a little piece of scotch tape and move the whole Translum sheet to any other position other than in front of the camera. That allows a huge amount of different setups to be created. Experiment with different light modifiers for your flash or even none at all. Try moving the material everywhere and see what it does to the shot. That’s where the fun is!

This is just one of the many uses of the wonderful Savage Translum! What’s nice is that, when you’re ready for another DIY project, you’ll still have more than 13 feet of the stuff left.

Have you used the Translum diffusion sheet before? Did you come up with another DIY light modifier? Tell us below, we all love the share our ideas.

Read more about light modifiers here in this Beginner’s Guide to Light Modifiers

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EEV Blog: eevBLAB #8 – New Tektronix AGO3000 Oscilloscope

EEV Blog (posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 17:24 AWST)

Dave talks about Tektronix’s new unreleased AGO3000 Gravity Compensated Oscilloscope with a high precision TCXO timebase with 2G tip-over gravity compensation.
Preliminary product launch page

Forum HERE


GNOME Look: Adwaita-Grey 3.14.11 (GTK 3.x Theme/Style)

(posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 14:54 AWST)

ThumbnailAdwaita-Grey 3.14.11
(GTK 3.x Theme/Style)

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GNOME Look: FlatBlueGray 1.0 (GTK 3.x Theme/Style)

(posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 10:31 AWST)

ThumbnailFlatBlueGray 1.0
(GTK 3.x Theme/Style)
mod based on visual flatunity but improved, dark which should be dark and clear where it should be clear, dark blue combination, I hope you enjoy it

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GNOME Look: Black (GNOME Shell Theme)

(posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 08:47 AWST)

(GNOME Shell Theme)
Updated for 3.12, 3.14, 3.16

updated panel and fixed menu shadow. Fixed panel border

Made a few modifications. Added an HIDPI version. May or may not look good with your resolution. If not you may need to modify for your resolution.

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EEV Blog: EEVblog #729 – Mailbag

EEV Blog (posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 08:16 AWST)

Another lengthy mailbag, with plenty of diverse stuff.
RCA Airnergy Bullshit Video
Forum HERE

Kan Jam flying disc
Psion 3A Organiser
1974 808 RapidMan Calculator made in Canada.
Russian IN-9 Neon bargraph display tube.
Info & characteristic curves
Wifi cellphone battery charging bullshit Kickstarter
RF Energy Harvesting. Can a WiFi signal light up a LED?
Flir VP50 Non-Contact voltage detector.
Freescale PowerQuicc II security processor:
APC Netbotz Room Monitor


DP Review: Yale acquires Meserve-Kunhardt Collection with iconic Abraham Lincoln portraits

DP Review (posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 06:01 AWST)

Yale has announced the acquisition of the Meserve-Kunhardt Collection, which is comprised of more than 73,000 items including portraits of Abraham Lincoln. The collection was assembled by Frederick Hill Meserve and his daughter Dorothy Meserve, and serves to document American history spanning from the Civil War up to the end of the 19th century. Read more

GNOME Look: Elementary Mod (GNOME Shell Theme)

(posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 05:13 AWST)

ThumbnailElementary Mod
(GNOME Shell Theme)
updated to 3.12 and 3.14. Wow that needed a lot of work. Best I can do! Not perfect! Better Panel Shadow.

Put Old theme back in the file.

This is a Mod of Elementary 3.2 by Half Left.

Made a few modifications. Added an HIDPI version. May or may not look good with your resolution. If not you may need to modify for your resolution.

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GNOME Look: Vold 2: The Next Chapter 1.1-rev2 (GTK 3.x Theme/Style)

(posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 05:00 AWST)

ThumbnailVold 2: The Next Chapter 1.1-rev2
(GTK 3.x Theme/Style)
The successor of Vold GTK Theme with semi-material design influences and authentic flat, and now it's based on Iris Dark theme.

Contains 10 additional colors:
- Blue
- Brown (actually it's chocolate, mmmm....)
- Deep Orange (Well, just a re-branded version of 'Orange' variant)
- Green
- Indigo
- Light Green (we called it Lime but it's more like a 'Dark Lime')
- Pink
- Purple
- Red
- Teal

DISCLAIMER!, Vold name are a play/broke of 'Bold, Volt, Fold', and it's not confused/not affiliated with V.O.L.D ( and VOLD Record ( a project owned by Indonesian singer.

- Buggy behavior in LibreOffice menubar

This theme are NOT COMPATIBLE with KDE, Pantheon, Enlightenment, Openbox, and LXDE/LXQt

this theme for GTK 3.14
Designed for Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet, Ubuntu 14.10 with GNOME 3.14 packages, and Fedora 21

Initial Release

- now with 5 colors: Indigo (Default), Blue, Red, Green, Teal
- Experimental GNOME shell theme
- updated maximize button

- New switcher button
- New context menu
- Pink and Orange version added
- Plank theme added

- New color for default version (Blue Gray, but we call it "Graphite")
- Old default version is still available (now it's called Vold 2 - Indigo)
- Re-design switcher
- Menubar redesigned (now, the menubar color is white !)
- Thick Metacity theme (requires 9pt Roboto, Droid Sans and Ubuntu font for better thing)
- No more color-specific Metacity theme :)
- Another unspecific changes he he he :D

R1 release:
- New shell theme, with new calendar popup, dash, and slider assets
- Minor fix in GTK3, WM theme
- GTK2 'mess' fixed
- Google Chrome theme available

R2 release:
- Xfce 4 support
- Xfwm4 theme (the Xfwm4 theme have a hamburger-style menu button but this will be implemented on Metacity, too.)
- GTK2 makeover (only tabs and pressed button state)
- Add 'Ubuntu users read this' for Ubuntu users about patched Nautilus and Yorba apps (Geary & California)

U2 Release:
- Download moved into Gnome-Look for some reason
- GTK2 major refinement (some widgets now using murrine engine)
- GTK3 minor refinements
- Disclaimer for Ubuntu users was removed
- .deb package for Ubuntu available (requires Ubuntu Utopic or newer)

- Thunar breadcrumbs tweak
- New unmaximize button (Xfwm4 only)
- Brand new Scrollbar
- GTK+ 3 dark theme (Beta)
- Minor tweaks

- Xfwm4 Universal theme, if you use different/another color of this theme, window color also change.
- Ubuntu Unty support (alpha)
- GTK 3 major refinements (new header-bar, fixes, and more)
- Dark theme fixes
- metacity-theme-2.xml added for compatibility with MATE's Marco and Compiz.

- Improved shell theme (since 1.1-rev1)
- 2 new colors: Brown and Light Green
- New Headerbar insensitive button (40% black in original, 50% white in dark theme mode)
- New hover state in WM theme (affects xfwm4, unity, metacity/mutter, CSD)
- Some fixes
- Google Chrome theme removed since we moved to .tar.xz compression

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GNOME Look: Flautinity (Edited) 1.1 (GTK 3.x Theme/Style)

(posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 02:56 AWST)

ThumbnailFlautinity (Edited) 1.1
(GTK 3.x Theme/Style)
version is not mine, I thank those created by such excellent work, I just made ​​some small improvements like adding new scrollbars. cretditos all the created .

New Scrollbars. Style Mac Os X

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DP Review: Mint introduces Instantflex TL70 instant film TLR camera

DP Review (posted on Tuesday March 31, 2015 at 02:00 AWST)

Polaroid camera repair and maintenance company Mint has introduced its own instant camera called the Mint Instantflex TL70. Fitted with a 65.4mm lens the camera offers aperture settings of f/5.6, f/8, f/16 and f/32 with an additional setting called f/bokeh – which creates a 5-pointed star shaped aperture. The Instantflex also features a flip-up flash unit housed above the viewing lens. Read more